Special Events & News:

Oct 23rd—No Awana Clubs for Fall Break

Oct 25th—Awana Grand Prix Pit Stop, 10am-2pm

Oct 27th—Make-up Ladies’ Bible Study, 6:30-7:40pm

Oct 29th—Friends Needing Friends, 11am

Oct 29th—Sweets ‘n’ Stuff Church Fellowship, 6:30pm

Nov 1st—Grand Prix Pit Stop, 10am-2pm

Nov 3rd—Ladies’ Bible Study, 9am or 6:30pm

Nov 7-8th—AARBC Fall Bible Fellowship

Nov 8th—Grand Prix Pit Stop, 10am-2pm

Nov 10th—Men’s Bible Study, 6:30pm

Nov 15th—Awana Grand Prix

Nov 22nd—AARBC Youth Volleyball-a-thon


 Current Adult Sunday Bible Classes:

  1. I’m Going to Do God’s Will
  2. The Revelation


Awana Clubs have begun!
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