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What We Do



People who attend Victory are challenged to use their spiritual gifts and natural abilities to minister within our church and community. We encourage kids to get involved serving the Lord to the level of their capacity and they help on work days, outreach events, and in our special music.

Our members are trained to witness for Jesus Christ by telling people about our wonderful Savior.

We have teams that work in the nursery, Children’s Church, and Sunday school. Our Missions Team communicates regularly with our missionaries serving in other parts of the world, and they provide updates to our church family concerning the blessings and needs of our missionaries (see more information under partners). Our Care Team ministers to those who are sick or in the hospital. Our Maintenance Team works hard to keep the buildings and property in good shape and looking good. Our Meal Team provides meals for those who need extra assistance for a few days.





Our Awana Team works in clubs for kids and young people from preschool through high school. Our Awana Clubs meet from August to April on Sunday (Journey Club for High School) and Thursday (pre-school Cubbies, K-2nd grade Sparks, 3rd-5th grade T&T and middle school Trek clubs). Our workers and clubbers have fun at games, learn from the Bible lessons, and seek to memorize Scripture together.  You can register any time during the club year! Please contact us at  


We believe that the biblical pattern for the church is intergenerational ministry. In our ministries, we have adults and children serving together, and we enjoy Church Family Picnics and Linger-Longers—where we all stay after church to eat and spend time together. But we also have separate classes and separate activities for folks by their age or interest group.

RoadRunners—a relationship building fellowship ministry for those who are 50 or better.

Men’s Days and Retreats with challenging messages and manly games.

Ladies’ Days and Luncheons with encouraging messages and fellowship.

  Friends Needing Friends-a relationship building ministry designed for widows and women living alone.

Adult events and activities.

Youth events for High School, Middle School and combined include summer camp (7th-12th grade), overnight retreats with other churches, a volleyball tournament, and regular activities.

Children’s events including junior camp (for 3rd-6th grade), game days and activities.

Talent Nights when folks are brave enough to perform serious or silly things.


We study the Scripture from a literal,  grammatical,  historical,  contextual,  dispensational  hermeneutic. That sounds difficult but it is really very simple: We believe God said what He meant and meant what He said. He chose to use words to reveal Himself to us, so His words are vitally important. The Bible was written during different periods of history, so an understanding of those times helps us to correctly interpret what the words mean. Then, we seek to apply it to our lives.

We have Sunday Bible classes for every age from nursery to senior adults. We have solid, biblical preaching in every church service. We have Men’s and Ladies’ Bible Studies, children’s church, kids’ clubs, and summer camps. We have seminars and series teaching practical application of biblical truth to strengthen lives, marriages, families, and ministries.

During a sermon or lesson, we listen not only to the message from the pastor or teacher, but also to the Holy Spirit as He speaks directly to our hearts. We need to respect God’s Word and His Spirit through focused listening. We may silently listen or even laugh out loud, but we should be hearing and responding.

Once we have heard the message, we seek to live what we learned by adjusting our attitudes, motives, priorities and activities.


Earth for website--what we doWe partner together with God (1 Corinthians 3:9) and with each other as we serve at Victory Baptist Church. We also invest prayer, energy, time and money to serve alongside other ministries and mission works around the world.

As the biblical pattern teaches us, churches of like faith and practice should cooperate together for the work of the Lord. Thus, we actively partner with independent, fundamental Baptist churches and ministries in Arizona and around the world. Below you will find links to their mission board, web site or latest prayer letter.

BELASCO Arnold and Leslie Belasco are serving as missionary church planters with Baptist Bible Fellowship International (BBFI) in Murcia, Spain.

CLARK Mike and Jeanette Clark are serving as missionary church planters with Baptist Mid Missions (BMM) in Alaska.

HUHTA Keith and Lourdes Huhta are serving with Mission Gospel Ministries International (MGMI). Keith is directing a Spanish ministry in a church in Colorado.

MARSHALL Toru and Robin Marshall are serving internationally through his evangelistic ministry. Also, he is the Director of Nationals Outreach Worldwide Ministries, raising support and providing pastoral training for national pastors in more than 40 countries.

MELLBERG Debbie Mellberg is serving as coordinator and trainer for missions outreach ministries she began with her husband Kirt in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico, before the Lord called Kirt home to be with Him.

MURPHY Scott and Kathy Murphy are serving among the Apache Nation with Regeneration Reservation Ministries based in Fort Thomas, Arizona.

NAPIER Emma Napier is serving as coordinator and facilitator for Inter-Australia Baptist Missions (IABM), an organization she helped begin with her husband John who is now with the Lord.

NAVARRO Octavio and Esperanza Navarro are serving with Mission Gospel Ministries International (MGMI) at Mision del Norte, a Spanish ministry which meets at Immanuel Bible Church in Scottsdale, Arizona.

PAPIUS Roger is serving in Aibonito, Puerto Rico with International Baptist Missions (IBM), to reach the people of Puerto Rico with the gospel.

RAJU JOGU Solomon and Sanhya Raju Jogu are serving with International Baptist Missions (IBM) in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Solomon is a church planter and director of an association of independent Baptist churches; he also directs a Bible college and children’s home.

RICE Pete and Annette Rice are serving world-wide with church and crusade evangelism ministry through Pete Rice And You (P.R.A.Y.).

SHUMATE David and Linda Shumate serve with Mission Gospel Ministries International (MGMI) where he is the General Director, seeking to mobilize churches to reach the Hispanic world for Jesus Christ.

SMITH Leonard and Susie Smith are serving as missionary church-planters and local missions leaders with Baptist Bible Fellowship International (BBFI) in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

WAMBUA Josiah and Esther Wambua are serving as missionary church planters with International Baptist Missions (IBM) in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa. Josiah also teaches in a Bible college in Nairobi.

In addition to these individuals and families, we also support the following organizations:

The AARBC The Arizona Association of Regular Baptist Churches—a voluntary association of independent Baptist churches that hold to the fundamentals of the faith and work together for the glory of the Lord! And the GARBC—the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches—an international voluntary network of independent Baptist churches with common biblical, fundamental convictions.

The mission office of Baptist Bible Fellowship International (BBFI).

The mission office of Baptist Mid-Missions (BMM).

CAMP TISHOMINGO—a camping ministry of the AARBC.

Inter-Australia Baptist Missions (IABM) —providing training and support for national pastors in Southern Australia.

International Baptist College & Seminary (IBCS) —a fully accredited Bible college in Chandler, Arizona, offering undergraduate and master’s degrees. Pastor Green also teaches as an adjunct instructor at IBCS.

International Baptist Missions (IBM), led by General Director Larry Ball, Chandler, AZ.

Mission Gospel Ministries International, led by General Director David Shumate, Phoenix, AZ.

NOW Ministries (Nationals Outreach Worldwide) —directed by Evangelist Toru Marshall, based in Iron Station, North Carolina, providing support and pastoral training for national pastors in more than 40 countries.

Training New Timothys—a pastoral and missions training conference program of NOW Ministries.


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